ASP.NET MVC 6 What’s new & Build an Intelligent Bot to Interact with your Users

14 Mar 2017

From 19:00 until 21:00

At Ubisoft România

Bulevardul Expoziției nr.2, Bucharest

Prezentarea 1: ASP.NET MVC 6

Prezentator: Andrei Ignat

Descriere: Ce a aparut nou in MVC Core ( MVC 6 ) si poate fi folosit in practica: tagHelpers, ViewComponents, altele. 

Prezentarea 2: Build an Intelligent Bot to Interact with your Users

Prezentator: Sorin Peste, Microsoft

GitHub: BotFrameworkDemo 

Bots are all the rage these days. But if you need one that's capable to understand your users' natural language, so it can figure out what they WANT and not just what they say, then you're going to need some pretty strong AI behind it. Come to this session to find out how you can use Microsoft Bot Framework together with Language Understanding Intelligent Service ( to build an intelligent bot for Skype, Slack, Facebook, SMS and more.

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