SqlServer Tips and Tricks si ASP.NET Core Configuration Routing DI

08 Nov 2016

From 19:00 until 21:00

At Ubisoft România

Bulevardul Expoziției nr.2, Bucharest

Prima prezentare:

Titlu: Productivity tips for Sql Server Management Studio

Prezentator: Bogdan Curca

Descriere: Have you ever wondered how you can improve your productivity while using Sql Server Management Studio? I would like to share with you some tips & tricks I discovered along my ride with Sql Server and also present you a few free 3rd party tools from Sql Server ecosystem that will help you increase your speed and improve your development experience.

A doua prezentare:

Titlu: ASP.NET Core Configuration, Routing si Dependency Injection

Prezentator: Radu Daniel Matei, radu-matei.github.io

Descriere: Va fi prezentat ASP.NET Core si citeva tips and tricks: - engine-ul pentru routing si cum sa introduci dinamic rute in aplicatie (fara reload) printr-un JSON - cum sa introduci dependinte la runtime printr-un JSON.

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