BrainTree Payments and ASP.NET Core on OS X and Linux using an IDE

13 Dec 2016

From 19:00 until 21:00

At Tech Hub

39-41 Nicolae Filipescu, Bucharest

First presentation

Title: Charging Real $Money$ Every Month 

Presenter: Ovidiu Diaconescu

What are we going to talk about:

  • How to be fully PCI DSS 3 compliant with Braintree Payments gateway. 
  • Azure AspNetCore App that processes Credit Cards and Paypal 
  • WebHooks for monthly validations.

Second presentation

Title: ASP.NET Core on OS X and Linux using an IDE

Presenter: Andrei Rinea, 

Description: During this talk we will have a short introduction to developing and running ASP.NET Core on OS X and Linux using an IDE. ASP.NET Core not only runs on other OSs but productive development can now be achieved on these. Together with the participants we will walk through the main steps of creating and running a web application.

Registration is made on ADCES Meetup page.


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