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Mindful, Experienced and Trustful

We provide you with the highest level of services

Why us?

One or more full-time developers

The size of the team will depend on your needs and the amount of time that is involved.

The right technical skills and experience

Based on complexity, technology, programming language, etc. we will match one or more developers to your project.

Our expertise in analysing and formalizing requirements

We have done many projects of software integration and optimization. We'll be able to assess your situation, design a solution and give you a cost estimate of the project.

Our expertise throughout the project

You don't hire just 'programming power' - we'll provide our expertise in all stages of the development process. We can take care of the full development cycle from start to finish including design, development, testing, documentation and support.

Management of the development process

In order to guarantee a smooth development process we will monitor issues, requirements, deadlines and communication.The advantages are obvious.

No waste of time finding and hiring people

One of the main advantages of hiring an external team of developers is that you don't have to go out and recruit the right people for your project. We already have the experts in our team and they are ready to start.

You hire an existing team

Another key advantage of outsourcing: you hire a team with a running start. Team members already know each other and can start working productively from day 1.

No overcapacity after implementation

You hire our expertise only for the duration that you need it.

Reduced development costs

Operational costs are lower in Romania. But on top of that you'll optimize your investment by working with an existing team only for the duration required..